I found this definition of slang online: a type of language that consists of words and phrases that are regarded as very informal, are more common in speech than in writing, and are typically restricted to a particular context or group of people.

I have some arguments for this definition and some things to add! I don’t think slang is very formal. Yes, you wouldn’t use it around teachers or family, but other than that, I don’t think slang is a very informal thing to use. I would like to add that slang is mostly used by teenagers and young adults around the world.

Some popular slang used:
Bro – short for brother, usually used when talking to a friend.
Homie – means friend.
Later – this is less popular, but it’s used as a way to say goodbye; short for “I’ll talk to you later”.
Fire – means someone/something looks great, usually used to show interest.
Gucci – although this isn’t used very often, it means good or cool.
Slay – means killed it, or you did a good job, but in my experience, it is usually used sarcastically.
Cap – a lie, usually used when someone is trying to brag.
Extra – used when you might think someone is doing too much or is too dressed up.
Ghosted – used when someone stops talking to you for months without warning.
Caught in 4k – used when someone is caught in a lie or doing something embarrassing.

Although abbreviations are not technically slang, they are used among the same age group in electronic conversations to shorten typing time.

Lol – laughing out loud
Ttyl – talk to you later
Wyd – what are you doing
Wym – what do you mean
Hru – how are you
K – okay
Ily – I love you
Ilym – I love you more
Ilyt – I love you too
Nvm – never mind
Ofc – of course
Ikr – I know right

Urban Dictionary:
Urban dictionary is a website where people can post their definitions of certain words. Slang is often posted here. Editor’s Note: displays x-rated definitions. 

Now moving into our emoji segment, people sometimes use emojis as a way to show emotion in a picture while texting; here is what some of them mean.
Thank you for reading my blog post about slang, now you know how to use the following:

Here is a last bit of information. Do you know the word mald?

It means: Extremely angry, especially as a result of losing a video game. So bald, so mald.

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