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Gardening Printable and Fairy Garden Activity and Free PDF

This post has a free gardening theme printable for Pre-K through 1. Basic vocabulary, color by number, coloring pages, and patterning are included.

In Minnesota, we still have some freezing temperatures at night in May, so we wanted to plant after all danger of frost was past. It was difficult to wait! Minnesota has the most northerly point in the contiguous USA in the Northwest Angle, Minnesota, at 49º 23’N. A map shows that Minnesota is not so far north as other states until you check the latitude. It is finally our turn for spring.





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Shanghai Free Power Point and Google Slides

Shanghai Free Power Point and Google Slides

Shanghai? Recently Gnorman traveled to Shanghai for business and was kind enough to take selfies and photos for me. Actually, my daughter was so kind as to take him with her and snap a few photos. Gnorman the Gnome travels with I-Reid sometimes. He enjoyed his flight and had plenty of room to stretch out. He was able to take a few photos of Shanghai’s famous sites, and is kindly allowing me to use them in a free presentation Shanghai-a-to-z (and China) A to Z. To include every letter in the entire alphabet, it was necessary to include a few photos of other famous places in China. A version of this presentation is also available in Google Slides.  Google Slides are free and online only. At the link, it will ask if you want to make a copy of the slideshow and say yes to get a copy on your Google Drive. (more…)

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