Duluth Minnesota Great Lakes Aquarium Visit

Great Lakes Aquarium in Duluth Minnesota

Miss Owl and Ms. Frog visited the Great Lakes Aquarium in Duluth, MN. From interactive displays, to videos, to a scuba diving Santa, it was pure educational fun. They did take their parents with, of course, and everyone learned new things.  Although I’ve been to Duluth about a hundred time or more since childhood, we frequently drive through. For one thing, the aquarium was only built in 1989. It began when Lake Superior Center incorporated as an organization devoted to freshwater education. It opened its doors in 2000 on the waterfront. Driving through with a car loaded for the cabin made stopping by difficult. A special trip is best to fully enjoy the visit. There are many lovely hotels and restaurants along the shore, such as Hawk Ridge Bird Observatory where I held an owl and hawk by adopting them.

School groups visit, and there are teacher workshops and resources to access.


The interactive exhibits drew the attention of Miss Owl and Ms. Frog right away.


Special displays were all around. It was difficult to know what to look at first.


Oh, look, it is Scuba Diving Santa! That was very fun for the season. And who is that with him in the tank?


The Aquarium is home to North America’s largest sturgeon.


There are several marine touch-pools, also.


The shipwreck exhibits explain the hazards of the Great Lakes, where there have been over 6000 wrecks.


The Otters’ Birthday Party was held in this area, but not at this time. See more images on Instagram.


The interactive exhibits drew the attention of Miss Owl and Ms. Frog right away.

The Aquarium is within walking distance of the iconic lift bridge

The building is within walking distance of the famous lift bridge. It is interesting to see the boats pass by!


The electric eel is a “Fan Favorite.” Not so much for me, but it is interesting.