Jam and Google Slides Game for Climate Change Captives 2035


Climate Change Captives 2035 and Project SAVE has a new student Jam (Jamboard) and a Google Slides game for classrooms. Google files are accessible with Gmail and not other types of email. I often get questions about such files, so here is a link about how to Google Slides from this blog. Now I’m starting to make Jams, which is so much fun! What happens is the teacher or parent makes a copy of each file wanted instead of editing my original files.

So, these files may be used without having the book on hand for the most part, but there will be several frames and slides that will not make sense without it.  I’ve already made a free instant-download PDF book companion.

The word search uses the ten words selected by Lexile.com Find a Book tool. Then, I selected some words myself to finish the puzzle.



In the story, Kalli likes to bake cookies and is worried that when she gets to the City Center she won’t have an opportunity to do so. So this frame is to work around her neighborhood in order using decimals and fractions from lowest to highest. Students will add keys to point the way. A solution is provided, and teachers should make two copies of the entire file first, providing their students with a copy without answers. Teachers may wish to remove some of the slides, as well, depending on the teaching situation.


Robert’s father has a long journey back to finding him and Grandfather. In the end, a teacher at the school helps him to surprise Robert at a small celebration. For this frame, students will find their way to the teacher. This involves being in the woods and knocking on a door that might not open.


Tristan is Kalli’s older brother and knows his way around Northern Ireland. The Dark Hedges is one place he has been to several times. He is a mathematician and so estimates measurements accurately. In this frame, students match numbers of meters to solve the questions.

The store in the book has two floors

The store outside the city center is rather run down. It used to be a beauty shop and now displays cans of soup in the hair washing sinks. Downstairs is a combination thrift shop and grocery store. Upstairs is where the electronic devices, nice games, art supplies, and so on are found. Students label the items as to their location, up or downstairs.

The Google Slides Game is Chimchardy

The game in Google Slides is Chimchardy (a combination of climate change and Jeopardy). It is played in Google Slides on Slide Show mode, however, as you probably know there is no automatic scoring in Google. The best idea I have is to keep the Jam Frame open for scoring by pulling numbers, and then have the game open in Google Slides, toggling back and forth. Or perhaps ask a student keep score on a tablet or different device with the Jam frame.

Laughter aboard the Slip Away

Ah, yes, some of the people who perpetrated climate change slip away into space before facing any court cases. In outer space, they dodge meteorites and have to fly carefully to try to get to an earth-like planet. They do not make their destination in book one, but perhaps when book two comes out.


I hope some people find the book and supporting materials useful. Thank  you for reading, Carolyn

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