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How to Use Google Slides, Jams, and Escape Rooms from this Blog

How to Use Google Slides, Jams, and Escape Rooms from this Blog

Google Slides may be new to some readers and so I am writing this post about how to access and add the freebies on this blog to your own Google Drive. When a link is provided, the reader is invited to “make a copy” to his or her own Google Drive. Google Drive is free and online.  It is not a program that may be downloaded.  It is free for teachers and students at this point in time. It is useful for schools and homeschools, as well. The programs are online only.

Only Gmail will access these programs, and not other email services. I get many questions about why a file didn’t download from people not using Gmail. With Gmail, free apps and services are included such as:

Google Drive

Google Jamboards

Google Slides

Google Forms

Google Sheets (spreadsheets)

Google Websites

The benefits of Google Drive Resources Include:

• Students can access the materials from anywhere they have access to their Google Drive.
• Students work directly in the file.
• Increased student engagement.
• It is paperless.
• No printing is required; however, if you wish to print, it will look great!
• No lost assignments, and in fact, a history of all the work is kept in the slides
• Google Drive is completely free for teachers and students.

Students may work independently or collaboratively, as directed by the teacher. Work is turned in through email or Google Drive folders.  This approach is being used in 1:1 classrooms, and classrooms using one iPad or Chrome book per student. It is part of Google Classroom but may otherwise just be used in Google Drive.

Google slides are quite interesting. First, the teacher can email the link to students who have their own free Google Drive. Some schools have Google classroom and the entire school is on a free program that organizes all students and teachers.  Or students can get free accounts under the supervision of the school. This requires access to a computer for each child at least part of the time.

Teachers can give different levels of students different levels of work more easily, assisting classroom differentiation.

Google slides does not correct the work, so the teacher does so online. Although Google slides are an app, they are not games. They are not self-correcting.  The teacher still corrects work and can add comments. However, Google forms may be set to correct student work! It depends which program is being used. See what is being offered for whatever file is being accessed.

There are a few ways to turn in work. One, the teacher may have a folder in the student google drives and students place finished work there. The teacher has to open the folder and look at the work online and free. Or, students email the finished work link to the teacher. Or for homeschools, the parent can look at the finished pages right on the computer.  Or, work can be printed and turned in to the done basket, if wanted.

The REALLY interesting part is there is a history of the work, which can be done individually or collaboratively by a group of students. Teacher comments can be added to the side of slides. As slides are revised the program keeps a record including what the teacher said. The slides can be emailed or shared back and forth several times in the case of a big research project.  There is no more telling the teacher something was worked on for two weeks as the history shows the truth such as: it was only worked on last night.

There are additional Google apps such as classroom forms and those can be graded more easily with some automaticity and additional apps. I learned about making Google Slides from a variety of sources including searching for YouTube videos, Danielle Knight Teaching’s Google Drive Toolkit, a blog post at Cult of Pedagogy, an online class about Google Slides Basics for teachers as well as students and beginning a Google Certified Educator online course. I feel I am still learning, and the possibilities with Google Apps are wonderful.  Hopefully, at some point, I can make some work pages easy for grading. Still, the student would have to get the corrected work and feedback through the teacher online and/or by seeing grades.

Because Google drives is free and online, students can work at home. Parents can see their child’s google drive and see what is being learned. I suppose they could even help with homework in the child’s drive from their child’s computer.

It is nice for homeschools to have an electronic record of what was learned and the work history also, and to save money on printing.

Not everyone is using Google drive as yet. Much of Canada is using Microsoft’s OneDrive instead. Another new course to take would be OneDrive.

Technology is providing for new and exciting ways to learn!

Thank you for reading, Carolyn

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Miss Frog Explains Crystals Beginner to Upper Beginner

Miss Frog Explains Crystals Beginner to Upper Beginner

Miss Frog knows about crystals and has written this post for people who might want to learn more. She discusses several crystals. Some crystals are for beginners. Very interesting stress relief!

Sometimes life can be stressful, even for kids; it could have many reasons, such as school, fake friends, etc. Crystals can help aid those feelings! I know it is hard to believe but because of the crystal’s vibrational energy, they can help higher yours! Believe it or not, you tend to try and match someone’s energy level without even realizing it, this is because you want to be ab\le to get along with them, but don’t worry this isn’t a bad thing; therefore you will feel the need to match the energy of the crystal when crystals have high energy for certain scenarios/issues you will want to match that energy and you will feel better. I know this from personal experience. Here are a few crystals to help with certain issues in your life and the level of experience you should have to use them!


Rose quartz for self love and kindness (beginner level)

Amethyst for better sleep and calm energy (beginner crystal)

Amethyst for better sleep and calm energy (beginner crystal)

Citrine for happiness (beginner crystal)

Citrine for happiness (beginner crystal)

Tigers eye for motivation (upper-beginner crystal)

Rose quartz for self love and kindness (beginner level)

Clear quartz for purification (beginner crystal)

Clear quartz for purification (beginner crystal)

Smoky quartz for taking negative energy and turning it into positive energy (upper-beginner crystal)

Rose quartz for self love and kindness (beginner level)

Green aventurine for luck in school work/good grades (upper-beginner crystal)

Rose quartz for self love and kindness (beginner level)

How to use them:

You can meditate with them by holding them in your hands and imagine their energy running through your body; make sure you do this in a calm space!
You will need to cleanse and charge your crystals, you can do this in a majority of ways but the most common one being to use smoke to cleanse them, the smoke can be caused by sage or incense, you can charge your crystals with selenite. Those are just some common ways to cleanse and charge them but there are plenty of other creative ways to do it when you put your mind to it!
Thank you for taking the time to read my blog. I know it sounds crazy that a crystal could possibly make you feel better but if you believe it and give it a chance it will happen!
Miss Frog

blog posts-by-Miss-Frog

Introducing Miss Frog, artist and author

Miss Frog is a vegetarian, artist, reader, writer, and believer in the power of crystals.


Miss Frog colored the Elmer the Elephant PDF on her iPad as an example. She used the PDF and she filled in the spaces with a variety of colors and textures. She has many talents and is an artist.


The Story of Ferdinand (1936) by Munro Leaf and Robert Lawson is about a pacifist bull. He prefers to smell flowers. Miss Frog helped Miss Owl enjoy this book.

Why Ms Frog is a Vegetarian

Hi! Ms Frog here, and I’m here to tell you why I chose to be vegetarian! First off I really care for animals truly, I think they are beautiful creatures and deserve to be treated as such. (Warning! This is all my opinion and if you chose to eat meat I don’t disagree at all!, that is your belief.)


Miss Frog knows about crystals and has written a post for people who might want to learn more. She discusses several crystals. Some crystals are for beginners. Very interesting stress relief!


Elmer’s Christmas by David McKee is a sweet story in the Elmer elephant book series. While the adults work on festive preparations, Elmer takes the young ones up the mountain. Seeing their first snow, they have a fun time. They find a tree they can “easily return.” Good idea! In this story, the baby elephants want to give people gifts, too, not just receive presents. And Elmer, a star among the elephants, helps the young ones meet Papa Red. Miss Frog is a star who helps Miss Owl read and create art.


Why Ms. Frog adopted a pet hedgehog!

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