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Climate Change Educational Resources K-12

Climate Change Resources for Educators K-12

Fee instant PowerPoint and PDF curriculum for teachers of K-12 students to use. The lessons are linked below. This topic is important and timely.


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Climate Change Captives 2035 and Project SAVE: Students Help Save the Earth (Climate Captives)

In this futuristic book about how the world has changed due to global warming, students create projects to help save the earth. Living towers house those willing to stay inside community walls and resisters live in the nearby forest. The years 2019, 2027, 2028, and 2030 are especially important in this Cli-Fi middle-grade story. The dystopian ending is only for a few people who contributed to and thought they were escaping the end of life on Earth. Characters develop their own projects after researching and choosing their topics, and communicate by secret code when necessary. Endnotes provide documentation and online links for facts.

Download the free student pack at the link below:


and the Jamboard file at this link

Winner of the LiFE Award for environmental books. 

Sue Ready of the Ever Ready blog reviewed the blog at the next link:

Climate Change Captives 2035 on Amazon

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Climate change informational text for Earth and other days with answer keys on Teachers Pay Teachers


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Shanghai Free Power Point and Google Slides

Shanghai Free Power Point and Google Slides

Shanghai? Recently Gnorman traveled to Shanghai for business and was kind enough to take selfies and photos for me. Actually, my daughter was so kind as to take him with her and snap a few photos. Gnorman the Gnome travels with I-Reid sometimes. He enjoyed his flight and had plenty of room to stretch out. He was able to take a few photos of Shanghai’s famous sites, and is kindly allowing me to use them in a free presentation Shanghai-a-to-z (and China) A to Z. To include every letter in the entire alphabet, it was necessary to include a few photos of other famous places in China. A version of this presentation is also available in Google Slides.  Google Slides are free and online only. At the link, it will ask if you want to make a copy of the slideshow and say yes to get a copy on your Google Drive. (more…)

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