Miss Owl and her family have moved into a new home. Morgan’s Musings (her mom) writes on this site. Today she is sharing some of the furniture decisions and where the items were purchased. We only have links in case people are interested. We hope this information helps some people with their own decisions.
Note: No, we are not affiliates of any store, and no, we do not earn any money for providing these links.

Moving during the holiday season and trying to organize a family was a big challenge.


First things first, the entryway. Just in case we forget where we live, there is a Minnesota sign at a Marketplace. It is locally handmade, I believe it was in Wayzata, Minnesota. A place for everything and everything in its place is a great way to start out when moving a family to a new home. So the keys have their place here.


Walking in the first hall, I added a Faux Marble Console Table, which was $147.18 at Amazon. The Metal and Mirror Wall Decor (in and out of stock FAST!) is my favorite piece of art – absolutely love it. And it was only around $70 when I bought it. The Thinker Statue (silver) is also from Amazon. It was about $30 dollars. This just helps the hall wall area look lovely.


The hallway is now complete with items mentioned so far, plus the lighting.

table and chairs purchased separately

The table was purchased from Overstock for $1,200 shipped (was on sale at the time and now no longer in stock – that is the link for when it is available – we definitely struggled to find a table that would fit both our style and our needs) no store sells these kinds of tables (and we went to MANY including the main big ones) so we resorted to online searching.

Chairs purchased from Amazon $499 for a set of 6 chairs! Chairs are also very nice quality for the price. Of course, they are not real leather but that is OK.  They are easy to clean and they give a nice little bounce when sitting down!


We were faced with a couple of challenges:

  1. Prices, these kinds of tables are very pricey, and wanted to stay around 1k
  2. No stock/delayed shipment – most retailers are still faced with raw material shortage and COVID-related custom issues delaying shipping – So glad I was able to snatch this table when it was still available. We were highly impressed by this table! Superior quality, beautiful glossy coating, it is very HEAVY. It weighs over 300 lbs, the extension leaf is stored under the table and is extremely easy to pull in or out. We were also impressed with the packaging. It was a huge pallet and the craftmanship to package this is massive. You can tell from the “unboxing” that it is very nice.
curtains in the dining room

The curtains are also from Amazon and were $44.99 – they are thick and high quality. Also, they provide black out which is great for privacy and energy-saving!

planters and plants for the fireplace area

The planters purchased from TJMaxx – $29.99 for the tall one and $19.99 for the smaller one. We went to Ikea and picked a couple of favorites for plants – both are Dracaena plants or commonly referred to as “corn plants.” The tall one was $39.99 and the smaller one was $19.99 and they work well together.


A warm little spot in the hallway with a mirror to check  your appearance on the way out the door.


We bought our new living room furniture at Dock 86. We also bought the treatment that covers any bodily fluids or any kind of spills for the next 3 years! If we don’t do a service call, we get 77 dollars back as store credit Not a bad deal!

Miss Owl Has a New Room
planters and plants for the fireplace area

Miss owl got a brand-new bedroom upon moving in! Even if she described her room as “too basic” due to no walk-in closet. 😊 Well this will later be available to her when her stepsister goes to college!

Bed (full size) purchased from Amazon for only $159!!!

Comforter and pillowcases + decorative pillows purchased from Amazon. Absolutely in love with it. Extremely soft and the colors are vibrant and beautiful – VERY happy with this purchase

Dresser was purchased from amazon – this is a cheaper quality, but it works and looks nice.


Blackout curtains with cut out stars – purchased from amazon

Absolutely stunning! High quality and worth every penny.

Organizer/bookshelf from Ikea.

The bookshelf organizer is from IKEA.


Miss Owl is relaxing at home.

first meal in the new house, almost

Moving at holiday time is quite a challenge to get the house and family organized. Almost our first meal was Thanksgiving.


We hope you have a warm and happy holiday season.


Thank you for reading, Morgan


By the way, Miss Pepper is our Russian Blue cat who thinks the house belongs to her.