A Mom and A Dad Writing Stems

My daughter wrote a little book for me for Mother’s Day and we published it with art by Pieter Els. I thought children might like to use her format with writing stems like:

A Mother is someone who . . .

A Mother waits patiently when . . .

A Mother understands . . .

So I created a PDF with these stems for both mothers and fathers, and added some pages for other family members, as well. Students might like to color and write on one or more pages. If several pages are completed, they could be stapled together as a little book. Some pages are intended to be covers, and some are for “interior” pages. So this could be assigned a page a month, and by May assembled together as a Mother’s Day booklet. I think it is always nice when children make something for Father’s Day before the end of the school year, so there are identical pages for Dad. Or, perhaps only one page is wanted, so just print what page or pages you want for your children or class.

The PDF opens at the next link:


Below, please find my Mother’s and Father’s Day graphing math centers and some other printables for those days.

The book A Mom would be nice to have on hand so children could apprentice themselves to my daughter’s writing ideas, however, it is not required for use of this PDF. My daughter wrote quite a different book about her Father after a trip to his hometown in South Dakota. We used photographs in the book, and have to return to finish taking photos.  Just so you know he wasn’t left out.

I’ve shown a few of the pages in the PDF, below.

Thank you for reading.


A Mother is the Person Who . . . writing stem

Children may create their own booklets for Mom, Dad, and other family members with the free instant download PDF. Grandma, aunt, mommy, mother, Grandpa, uncle, father, and daddy are some of the other pages.

A mother understand writing frame

A Mother understands  . . .  what? My daughter thought it meant I could understand her facial expression and mood. Hopefully, parents everywhere can understand that, but sometimes we might not be paying attention. The children will have their own ideas.

A father is the person who . . . writing stem

A Father is someone who . . .

Children may finish the sentence stem with ideas of their own. What will they write? This could be interesting.

A mother understand writing frame

A Father waits patiently when . . .

When does Dad have to wait? What is the child or someone else doing? This is another stem that might give some fun answers.


A Mom: What is an Adoptive Mother? by Betsy and Carolyn Wilhelm, illustrated by Pieter Els

Lexile Level 600L This book is a perfect fit for the writing stems.

Read more at the post about the book.

Mom and Dad Booklet Writing Stems, and other family members.

Supplemental writing stems freebie to accompany the “A Mom” book by Betsy Wilhelm. Free. Book not required for PDF. Also Dad and other family members included.

Write to grandparents word wall and letter frames

Family individual writing word wall and letter writing frames for K-2, free in our free Amember area.

Alex Asks Grandpa About the Olden Days: A 1940s Story

In this story, a young child is wondering about the “olden days” when his Grandpa was young like him.


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