Mice Themed Prepositional Phrases Product and Free Sample

Do you teach prepositional phrases? Grade 1 standards include teaching such phrases. This printable PDF is included in our password-protected area. Learn the updated password by signing up for our newsletter. There are prepositional phrases letter-sized teaching posters, word cards, a center, and writing frames.  This lesson uses licensed art and a condition of use is that I do not give the product away for free.  Thanks for understanding. There are two free printable pages in the preview, below. CCSS L.K.1e and L.1.1i

Mice Themed Prepositional Phrases Center, Phrase Cards, and Writing Frame
111 Page PDF, for K-2

mice theme Prepositional-Phrases product

This illustrated, color PDF includes large prepositional phrase cards for students to dramatize.Mice Themed Prepositional Phrases Center and Writing Frame PDFThe PDF has a game with cards and directions in both black and white as well as in color.
Mice Themed Prepositional Phrases Center and Writing Frame PDFPocket chart cards will help with literacy and the writing frame pages.Mice Themed Prepositional Phrases Center and Writing Frame PDF There is even more in this product which may be viewed by mice-prepositions-demo

Table of Contents
Black and White Pages
Pages 5-14 Large signs using prepositions
Page 15 Game in black and white
Page 16 Student game mats to collect game cards
Page 17 Game Directions
Pages 18-20 Game Cards
Pages 46-50 Directions, sorting cards and recording page for a center or station
Pages 54-64 Writing Frame
Color Pages
Page 21 Cover for pages in color
Page 22 Directions for using prepositions signs
Pages 23– 36 Color signs for having the class read or pantomime the prepositional phrases
Pages 37–44 Game cover, directions, game board, game cards
Pages 45, 51-53 Center and recording page
Page 65—-further directions
Pages 66-80 POCKET CHART CARDS for teacher use
Pages 81-90 Simple handwriting pages
Page 91 Simple gameboard

This lesson works well with INSIDE MOUSE, OUTSIDE MOUSE by Lindsay Barrett George, and many other children’s books.