How to Assemble a Sling Bookshelf for Kids

How to Assemble a Sling Bookshelf for KidsThis is an informational step by step blog post with photos of how we assembled our sling bookshelf for children. I do not mean children should assemble this, I mean the product is for adults to make a children’s bookshelf. We bought the product ourselves and are not affiliates and do not earn money for the sale of the product. 

When I was teaching grades one and two, all the teachers had their own drills. We made trips to Target to get bookshelves and were always on the lookout for good shelves we could use at school. During those years, I wasn’t aware of sling bookshelves, and the ones I first knew about were expensive. These do not require a drill or very much time to assemble, and I want to share how easy these are to assemble. They are ready for use in only a short time! Nice!

First, set up one side of the bookshelf by leaning it against something. Push all the dowels in the tubular slots before assembly. At least, we started this way as it seemed to be best.


Fasten one dowel to the top inside and right side of the product. This will be an anchor for the rest of the assembly.

assemble-a-sling-bookshelf-for-childrens-books (4)

Next, continue down on one side only attaching each dowel with the Allen wrench. assemble-a-hanging-bookshelf-for-childrens-books (6)

The outside will look like this when the dowels are attached after using the Allen wrench.

how-to-make-a-bookshelf-for-childrens-books (10)

At this point the sling bookshelf will have the dowels attached only on one side, but this worked for us.

assemble-a-sling-bookshelf-for-childrens-books (7)

The left or second side to assemble is next. Beginning at the top with the first dowel, use the Allen wrench to fasten it to the wood. Tighten as needed.

assemble-a-sling-bookshelf-for-childrens-books (8)

When finished, the fabric will bunch a little which just offers some give when the books are placed in position.

how-to-make-a-bookshelf-for-childrens-books (11)

Our finished sling bookshelf with books ready for the children!

how-to-make-a-bookshelf-for-childrens-books (13)

Thank you for reading!

Carolyn & Gary