This post has a free instant download for a free soccer theme chatterbox and number roll activities printable.  There is one chatterbox which has two pages of directions, as well as two number roll activities. Just add dice! One of the number roll activities includes addition.  A make-your-own-game is included for children who like to make paper games, which has a paper playing field. It is soccer fever time, after all.

Soccer Theme Activities Free PDF

Download your PDF file at the link below.


Soccer Theme Chatterbox and Roll the Number Activities

This fun printable includes:

1. Chatterbox activity with two pages of directions on how to fold the paper.

Soccer Theme Activities Free PDF

2. Roll the dice activities (this page has the students roll two number cubes and add to get the sums indicated.


3. Roll the number cube. This page only requires one number cube.

Soccer Theme Activities Free PDF

4. Buttons to represent players to create your own game.


5. Playing field for creating your own game.


Thank you for reading.  May your favorite team always win!