This post was written by our teen writer, Miss Frog. If you scroll down after reading her book reviews, you will find links to more of her posts. She is a vegetarian, hedgehog owning, artist, reader, writer, and believer in the power of crystals.


The Bitterwine Oath

by Hannah West

The Bitterwine Oath was an astonishing read. There is changing plot and emotions, changing feelings, and a happy ending, this book has it all. You can read this book and not get bored, the one thing I will note though is that it is very hard to get into, it doesn’t get to the point fast enough for me personally to be into it. If you have plenty of time on your hands though this should be a good read. If you like witchcraft and and thrillers, this book is for you. It puts witchcraft in a bad light but then the perspective changes. I highly recommend reading The Bitterwine Oath as a longer read if you are between the ages 12-20, I recommend this age range because it has all teenage characters, so it might be hard to relate to the almost all teenage characters otherwise, if that make sense. This link will take you to the Goodreads page with dozens of reviews.

Carolyn’s notes: I also read this book. It is clear and understandable. In my opinion, the book is just too long. But it does seem to be an exciting teen read for the right age group interested in independent characters after a long beginning.


Pride and Premeditation

by Tirzah Price

Pride and Premeditation is a re-do of Pride and Prejudice, I had an amazing time reading it 100% recommend. This book is old fashioned and has great visual imagery. It defeats the standard that women can’t do crime solving while also being somewhat romantic. This book was sold as a somewhat-romantic novel, which it turned out not to be, it was one kiss at the last page, so if romance is what you are looking for I wouldn’t get this book; on the other hand, there is a huge plot twist and curious sisters, so it still is very entertaining, and kind of mysterious. This books about a 16 year old who has a father with a law firm, she wants to work for it but they won’t let her because of her gender, once she solves the case however, they let her work there. Overall this book was a very fun read with a huge plot twist and interesting characters, I think this book could be read by people 12 and above! See more on Goodreads. 


Fear Street: The Beginning

by R.L. Stine

I loved every second of reading this book! This book had such good visual imagery and has very short reads considering it is a series of 4 tiny books. The good part of having it be a mix of 4 stories is that it is all the same kids, or the same high school at least, you get to know the characters very well by the end. This book was definitely a thriller, every last story, every chapter left you at a cliff hanger which just made you even more interested, this book gets a 5 stars from me. My one problem with this book however is that I found myself often reading the bottom of the page first at the end of a chapter simply to see what happens because you know something is going to. I recommend this to people ages 10-16. There is more information on Goodreads.


A Silent Night: A Christmas Suspense Story

by R.L. Stine

This book was an intoxicating read, it had cliffhangers at the end of every chapter, so you get very wrapped up in it pretty quickly. A silent night is a quick read, around 200 pages or so. If you like scary books and certain holidays, this book is for you as it is based around Christmas time! I recommend this book for people 10-15, a very fun read if you are short on time. Find more on Goodreads.


Wilder Girls

by  Rory Power

This book was okay, it was very hard to get into but once your into it, it is amazing! Wilder Girls is a sad book about an epidemic at a school named Raxter, it is a disease called the Tox, it causes a bunch of ailments to the girls of the school and can make you turn grey! It has great description of everything so this is a very easy book to envision. I liked this read, it was fun, it was kind of sad in a way because of the deaths from the Tox but overall has a baseline of strong connections with others. I recommend this book for people 12-17. More information about this title is available on Goodreads.

Carolyn’s Notes: I also read this book. The Tox is terrible but limited to an island with the Raxter school and not much else. Friendships are very important to the protagonists. I say  it is “worse than the curse” as the Tox seems to be based on female hormones. There are only two kisses in the book for parents who may be wondering.

blog posts-by-Miss-Frog

Introducing Miss Frog, artist and author

Miss Frog is a vegetarian, artist, reader, writer, and believer in the power of crystals.


Miss Frog colored the Elmer the Elephant PDF on her iPad as an example. She used the PDF and she filled in the spaces with a variety of colors and textures. She has many talents and is an artist.


The Story of Ferdinand (1936) by Munro Leaf and Robert Lawson is about a pacifist bull. He prefers to smell flowers. Miss Frog helped Miss Owl enjoy this book.

Why Ms Frog is a Vegetarian

Hi! Ms Frog here, and I’m here to tell you why I chose to be vegetarian! First off I really care for animals truly, I think they are beautiful creatures and deserve to be treated as such. (Warning! This is all my opinion and if you chose to eat meat I don’t disagree at all!, that is your belief.)


Miss Frog knows about crystals and has written a post for people who might want to learn more. She discusses several crystals. Some crystals are for beginners. Very interesting stress relief!


Elmer’s Christmas by David McKee is a sweet story in the Elmer elephant book series. While the adults work on festive preparations, Elmer takes the young ones up the mountain. Seeing their first snow, they have a fun time. They find a tree they can “easily return.” Good idea! In this story, the baby elephants want to give people gifts, too, not just receive presents. And Elmer, a star among the elephants, helps the young ones meet Papa Red. Miss Frog is a star who helps Miss Owl read and create art.


Why Ms. Frog adopted a pet hedgehog!