Climate change information for grades 3-6 free PowerPoint and PDF version of the presentation for teachers and homeschools. The instant downloads are at the next links. Click to download your copies.

Climate-Change-Grades-3-6-information free instant download PPTX

Climate-Change-Grades-3-6-information free instant download PPTX


Climate-Change-Grades-3-6-information PDF

This picture is of Castleview Academy watching and learning from the presentation. homeschool-children-learning-about-climate-change

I recently posted about being trained by the Climate Reality program during August of 2019, provided a free K-3 climate change PDF Presentation, and interviewed someone about their pollinator-friendly lawn. I’ve noticed a lack of climate change materials for elementary grade levels, and today am adding a presentation for grades 3-6. I hope this will help some teachers at school or homeschool begin to discuss the topic with their students.


Begin by asking the students if they have heard about climate change. What have they heard? Are they aware of disagreements about this topic? 


Do students know about sources of global warming? Have they seen factories, pollution, garbage dumps, and other possible causes of the problem? 


The ozone layer is at the top of about ten miles high of atmosphere. The ozone layer has become thinner and has allowed more heat from the sun to be trapped beneath it, which is adding to global warming. 


Have the students seen flash flooding? Do they know what causes this problem? Rain that falls too fast is not absorbed in the ground, so the result may be a flash flood.

everyone can help save the Earth

Climate change has certainly been in the news on an almost daily basis this summer. Record heat waves, record amounts of icebergs melting, record storms, and increased fires have been news topics. The students will be aware of some of this information. The presentation has a few suggestions of what they might consider doing to help the Earth — not just on Earth Day.

No wars are fought over sunshine which makes solar power. No wars are fought over wind power. Wars are fought over fossil fuels. Discuss the fact that one hour of sunshine provides enough energy for the power needs of the earth for an entire year. Have the students discuss their ideas to help reduce global warming.

Thank you for reading, Carolyn

the sun provides all the energy the earth needs for a year every hour

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