Clare O’Beara is a tree surgeon and expert witness, and a former national standard showjumper. She lives in Dublin, Ireland, with her husband and cats. Previously, I interviewed her about her writing while in Dublin for The New Book Review. Clare is an award-winning writer of fiction and non-fiction, whose journalism work has been published in more than thirty countries. Her credits include, The, Mensa Magazine and Mensa International Journal. Currently editor of Inside DBS, the official blog website of Dublin Business School, and the Sustainable College blog.

This blog post has more information about her environmental efforts and online sites. I am writing this post due to my efforts in the area of climate change. O’Beara is an ecologist who is graduating in 2021 with an Honours Degree in Multimedia Journalism. She co-moderates a climate change interest group (the Green Group) on Goodreads, and blogs monthly on that site. Her journalism site is a source of additional environmental information. She writes for Medium, and other sites as well. Her environmental journalism site may be found at this link. One of her posts is information about the Dublin Array Windfarm. She asks if it is Progressive Power or a danger to birds? What do you think? Her video of the area is on YouTube, and below.

As a writer, O’Beara works to make her books Carbon Neutral. She writes so much, I don’t know how she has time to sleep!

O’Beara covered the conference on marine plastic waste held in Viet Nam. Afterward, she decided to find out how much her neighborhood contributed to the problem. She became convinced that we are indeed in need of solutions. She has served on the Royal Dublin Society Forestry And The Environment Committee. I highly recommend following O’Beara on Goodreads, the Goodreads Green Group, and her other informational sites. We learn so much from dedicated people!

Here are some of her awards:

Clare O’Beara wins SMedias Blog / Vlog of The Year Aug 2021, SMedias Blog / Vlog media release.

New book released in 2020, ‘A Dog For Lockdown’ media release.

New book released in 2020, ‘A Pony For Quarantine’ media release.

An article Clare wrote about her contribution to quarantine literature, Link to article by Clare

2020, Second Place, Dublin Business School Create Contest.

Clare was one of the crime reviewers invited to attend a crime authors’ event on 12th April 2016 at the Embassy of Luxembourg in London.

Murder Against The Clock was featured in The Dublin Southside People on page 22

Clare was mentioned in Great Diving Quotes

Clare was one of the reviewers attending Ellen Gunning’s book launch in Dublin in September 2016. Ellen Gunning is Director of Irish Academy of Public Relations.

The Independent newspaper profiled Clare as part of an article on Amazon Top Reviewers by Journalist Nathalie Olah. Friday 11 March 2016.

The University of San Diego has made one of Clare’s reviews available as an educational tool.

BBC World Book Club invited Clare to contribute to a discussion with Malorie Blackman, author and Children’s Laureate.

In 2013 she won first prize for Print Journalism in Ireland’s National Media Awards.
She contributed a story to A Pint And A Haircut (Lon Dubh, 2010), an anthology in aid of Concern’s Haiti fund.
Clare reads extensively and reviews books for Fresh

Thank you for reading, Carolyn

Clare O’Beara Author Interview in Dublin, Ireland

Clare O’Beara Author Interview

Clare O’Beara is a prolific, award-winning author who also happens to be a tree surgeon, national showjumping champion, book reviewer for Fresh Fiction, previous MENSA leader and volunteer, and advocate for gifted education among other talents and abilities.

Rodeo Finn blog post and free student book companion

Rodeo Finn by Clare O’Beara Free Student Work Pages

Rodeo Finn by Clare O’Beara is a multi-genre novel for teens and young adults. Realistic equine fiction with nonfiction information regarding Ireland’s and Arizona’s farming, ranching, and equestrian competitions form the story. The free book companion PDF for the book.

Show Jumping Team novel by Clare O'Beara review and student book companion freebie

Show Jumping Team by O’Beara Book Companion Free

Show Jumping Team was written by a National Show Jumping Champion of Ireland, Clare O’Beara. The book is multi-genre as it is realistic fiction with nonfiction information about horses and horse shows. Free teaching supplement at this link.

A Pony for Quarantine by O’Beara for Read Around the World

A Pony for Quarantine by O’Beara

A Pony for Quarantine by Clare O’Beara is so much more than a “horse” book as by way of the pony theme it shares many life lessons for teens. A free teaching supplement is at this link.

A Dog for Lockdown Book Teaching Supplement Free

A Dog for Lockdown by O’Beara

Second in the lockdown series by Clare O’Beara, A Dog For Lockdown is a story about a thirteen-year-old boy who lives with his mother. The free teaching supplement is at this link.


Dining Out Around the Solar System by Clare O’Beara (Book 1 of 4)

In a future where giant corporations run countries, all British Space Mines has to fear are journalists and hackers.
Donal and Myron are their worst nightmare. See Wise Owl Factory’s review on The New Book Review.

Dining Out With The Ice Giants (Dining Out Around The Solar System Book 2)

Dining Out With The Ice Giants (Dining Out Around The Solar System Book 2) Clare O’Beara

Two journalists in an alternate future London meet the people from the outer planets – during one of the worst winters for cold and flooding that London has suffered. From political misdeeds to mushroom picking in a disused Tube station, Donal and Myron uncover all sorts of activities… and dangers. See what Wise Owl Factory’s thinks about this book on The New Book Review.


Dining Out With The Gas Giants (Dining Out Around The Solar System Book 3) by Clare O’Beara

Donal and Myron are journalists who’ll go anywhere for a story. This summer, as tempers flare and riots are sparked in London’s heat, they get a lead they can’t resist. Not all the off-world immigrants are friendly. See Wise Owl Factory’s review on The New Book Review.


Dining Out on Planet Mercury by Clare O’Beara

When a girl from Mercury is suspected of murder, the police need Irish journalist and hacker Donal as interpreter.
Off-world workers are being exploited in more ways than one. See Wise Owl Factory’s review on The New Book Review.


A Pony for Quarantine by Clare O’Beara

Quarantine! Moya, age 13, is sent home from school. She isn’t sure what is happening. Her parents and brother are home, too.  She can hear neighbors cleaning to be prepared in the event they will be sick. Her own parents leave to shop for food, and although they might not get everything they want, will be able to get food. The store is only allowing 100 people inside at a time.