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Gardening Printable and Fairy Garden Activity and Free PDF

This post has a free gardening theme printable for Pre-K through 1. Basic vocabulary, color by number, coloring pages, and patterning are included.

In Minnesota, we still have some freezing temperatures at night in May, so we wanted to plant after all danger of frost was past. It was difficult to wait! Minnesota has the most northerly point in the contiguous USA in the Northwest Angle, Minnesota, at 49º 23’N. A map shows that Minnesota is not so far north as other states until you check the latitude. It is finally our turn for spring.





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Elmer and the Rainbow Free Printable

Book by David McKee

Elmer and the Rainbow is one of the books in the ELMER series of books by David McKee.
Elmer is a patchwork elephant who has fun and imaginary adventures.  His elephant friends are the usual color, gray.  Elmer is the leader because he thinks about and solves problems.

In this particular book, the rainbow is gray and Elmer wants to give it his colors.  To do that, he has to find where the rainbow touches the ground.  “What are we waiting for?” said Elmer.  “Let’s start searching.” If Elmer gives his colors to the rainbow, will he turn gray like all the other elephants?  Of course not, this is a children’s book.

At the happy ending, his friends ask how he could give away his colors and still have them.  Elmer says, “Some things you can give and give and not lose any.  Things like happiness or love or my colors.”

 Free Printable


Here is my FREE PDF page of Elmer for your students to color:  ELMERpattern anELMERpatterntofoldcolorandcut

This book is perfect for the beginning of the school year when sharing, happiness, and kindness to others are being emphasized.


Miss Frog colored her PDF on her iPad. She used the PDF and she filled in the spaces with a variety of colors and textures. She has many talents and is an artist.


This is one of the PDFs colored with crayons. By using different shapes, colors, and lines, each child may create a different elephant.


And finally, this is one Elmer filled in using a computer and background papers. Each square can be different.


There are quite a few Elmer the Elephant books, each with a little lesson on kindness or getting along. They are highly recommended for primary grades.

Thank you for reading,

Miss Frog and Carolyn


Free Elmer Elephant Art Pattern and Instructions Free Elmer Elephant Art Pattern and Instructions Free Elmer Elephant Art Pattern and Instructions Free Elmer Elephant Art Pattern and Instructions Free Elmer Elephant Art Pattern and Instructions elmerelephantartproject_7 elmerelephantartproject_8 elmerelephantartproject_9 Happy reading, Carolyn

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Miss Frog colored the Elmer the Elephant PDF on her iPad as an example. She used the PDF and she filled in the spaces with a variety of colors and textures. She has many talents and is an artist.


The Story of Ferdinand (1936) by Munro Leaf and Robert Lawson is about a pacifist bull. He prefers to smell flowers. Miss Frog helped Miss Owl enjoy this book.

Why Ms Frog is a Vegetarian

Hi! Ms Frog here, and I’m here to tell you why I chose to be vegetarian! First off I really care for animals truly, I think they are beautiful creatures and deserve to be treated as such. (Warning! This is all my opinion and if you chose to eat meat I don’t disagree at all!, that is your belief.)


Miss Frog knows about crystals and has written a post for people who might want to learn more. She discusses several crystals. Some crystals are for beginners. Very interesting stress relief!


Elmer’s Christmas by David McKee is a sweet story in the Elmer elephant book series. While the adults work on festive preparations, Elmer takes the young ones up the mountain. Seeing their first snow, they have a fun time. They find a tree they can “easily return.” Good idea! In this story, the baby elephants want to give people gifts, too, not just receive presents. And Elmer, a star among the elephants, helps the young ones meet Papa Red. Miss Frog is a star who helps Miss Owl read and create art.


Why Ms. Frog adopted a pet hedgehog!

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World’s Most Famous Climate Change Artist and Others

World’s Most Famous Climate Change Artist? According to The Economist’s September 9-21-2019 climate change issue, the answer is Olafur Eliasson. He began his career at age 15 in Iceland. He is now over 50 years old. He has been producing art in this area for at least 35 years. Climate change is not new. Climate change art is not new. Really, we have known about global warming and have understood the solutions for decades. In the 1970’s it was brought to the forefront of the nation with the oil crisis at that time. I had hoped people would begin driving more compact cars, but the cars only became larger, and larger — SUV’s. Station wagons, a thing of the past, now seem small.

Olafur Eliasson created the Rainbow Panorama (pictured below). He began his career selling gouaches (a type of painting) of landscapes from his walks with his father, an Icelandic painter. He photographed shrinking glaciers and polluted rivers. He became famous for his sensory experience art shows such as the “Weather Project.” He had 14 massive chunks of ice moved from Greenland to the Thames for the Paris Accord to demonstrate global warming.

Rainbow Panorama image by Olafur Eliassan

Artists producing works in the area of climate change are growing.  “The Edible Hut” in Detroit, Michigan, was created by Mira Burack (Matterology). Renzo Martens works in the Congo and draws attention to the palm-oil industry’s impact on the environment. Vivien Sansout collaborates with farmers in Honduras and other areas.

“Cooking Sections” serves food for their performances in unlikely, polluted areas around the world. For the brave! Instead of carnivores or herbivores, they suggest people become “climavores” and eating locally sourced food.

There are art shows, sculptures, and a wide variety of artistic representations of climate change. There are professional and homemade signs at protests. The Politicians Discussing Climate Change sculpture in Berlin is one vivid example.

Recently we were inWorld’s Most Famous Climate Change Artist. David Attenborough’s image is on a building there.

The global warming art show by Neil Grabowsky is an example of a gallery display.


Emerging artists are also finding this topic important to document. The next image is “Passing Winds” and is the first such work of this person.


Even has climate change pictures. There are many resources and articles online about climate change. Art is part of it all.

Thank you for reading, Carolyn


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Climate Change Captives 2035 and Project SAVE: Students Help Save the Earth (Climate Captives)

In this futuristic book about how the world has changed due to global warming, students create projects to help save the earth. Living towers house those willing to stay inside community walls and resisters live in the nearby forest. The years 2019, 2027, 2028, and 2030 are especially important in this Cli-Fi middle-grade story. The dystopian ending is only for a few people who contributed to and thought they were escaping the end of life on Earth. Characters develop their own projects after researching and choosing their topics, and communicate by secret code when necessary. Endnotes provide documentation and online links for facts.

Download the free student pack at the link below:


and the Jamboard file at this link

Winner of the LiFE Award for environmental books. 

Sue Ready of the Ever Ready blog reviewed the blog at the next link:

Climate Change Captives 2035 on Amazon

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